Who is Anton Vasilescu?

  • “As a global company that manages billions of dollars, we depend on our website to be the point of contact that communicates our professionalism and services to our global network. Working with Anton, made that happen. His knowledge and design sense, along with his professionalism, made the process easy and straight forward. Our website is regularly complimented and viewed by thousands each year. We could not have done it with a higher degree of alacrity without Anton.”Jilbert H. - CEO Tenet Financial Partners
  • “We’ve been working with Anton and his team for a few years now for our web and app development projects. What he has provided thus far in terms of efficiency and automation has saved countless hours for myself and team members allowing us to focus on tasks that require a more personal touch.”Gerald A. - Creative Director/Owner Industry VFX
  • “Anton is a creative collaborator who has an incredible technical ability. He’s swift to take action and is a trusted business partner to ensure your representation is true to your brand and provides the right messaging. He’s tireless and patient to get things right and he has a true passion for his work. His innovative style and design ability create a perfect blend to allow his pure genius to be represented in his website visions. I only wish I had more opportunities to work with Anton as he is the best I have ever encountered!”Lisa H. - Managing Partner, Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
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Web designer & developer

Anton is a highly accomplished Web Designer/Developer with broad experience leading and developing custom WordPress web applications. He has had much success in strategically identifying and implementing the necessary steps needed for the full project’s life cycle such as application architecture, concept design, site layout/user interface, front/back end development.


Software developer

Anton is a seasoned custom application and script developer that successfully uses an array of programming languages such as MaxScript, Python and JavaScript for 3D rendering and animation pipeline automation. These custom tools are used in production by world leading Visualization, VFX and Video Game companies such as Parsons Brinckerhoff, Arup, Foster+Partners, Focus 360 to name a few.

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Technical director & CG Artist

Working in the Architectural Visualization field since 1997 enabled Anton to become identified as a top specialist in 3D visualization. This allows him to provide high quality expertise quickly, accurately, and within the scheduled time frames and budgets. Anton’s extensive R&D, production and management experience includes a very strong expertise in pipeline creation and provides a vast understanding that bridges both artistic and technical production worlds.


Graphic Designer

Mastering skills such as layout, typography, composition, information hierarchy, color and user experience mixed with a unique vision, attentive listening and sound decision making have allowed Anton to work with a multitude of clients, ranging from small businesses to financial corporations. Anton offers a flexible and open minded approach to design that allows for the perfect union between a distinctive style and the needs or wants of the client. His design expertise covers business branding, logo design, web design, packaging and marketing materials.

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Project manager

Anton has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, cutting edge technology and pipeline productivity. His extensive background partly resides in assisting with the definition of the project’s scope and objectives, ensuring technical feasibility, developing a detailed project plan that monitors and tracks progress, coordinating internal and external resources for flawless execution, confirming resource availability and allocation, ensuring that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget, managing changes to the project’s scope, measuring project’s performance using appropriate tools and techniques, successfully managing the relationship with the client and all stakeholders, performing risk management to minimize project risks, creating and maintaining comprehensive project documentation, as well as founding companies such as Studio 75ive and Karité Organics. His most recent partnerships include Ripple Creative Group, Okamoto Kitchen and Tenet Financial Asset & Fund Management.

“Off I fly, careering far
In chase of Pollys, prettier far
Than any of their namesakes are, —
The Polymaths and Polyhistors,
Polyglots and all their sisters.”Thomas Moore, “The Devil Among Scholars”